First published by Jes Hooper on 8th March 2016.


 Pointillism. A technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colours, which become blended in the viewer’s eye.

 Pointillism is my favourite art process, and has become my defining pyrography art style. I thoroughly enjoy the intricate detail and timely investment required to produce complex artwork, particularly in conjunction with the raw artform of pyrography. My material of choice is oak, which in my humble opinion, has a grain unrivaled in beauty and challenge. Oak is a notoriously difficult medium for pyrography due to it’s unruley grain which can only be tackled with carful attention to detail as to avoid bleeding the burn. Oak is also my favourite tree, and I take great delight in breathing life back into one of natures most stunning structures.

My current, and first, art collection focuss’s on pyrography pointillism on oak with an ocean theme. As a Brighton-born artist, I wanted to produce a collection that was close to home-and what could be more suitable than the sea?

I have thus far completed three pieces, each varying in size. I am also working on a fourth, which will be the largest in the collection at approximately 4ft long. These pieces have been, and continue to be, a labour of love. Not only in their artistic production but also in the selecting of materials. I have a very environmentally friendly art ethos, wanting to produce as little waste as possible. I selected the oak from a local Sussex based mill because each piece pocesses stunning and unique grain with the shape of the tree clearly visible from the cut. Each section would have otherwise been disguarded and eventually chopped up for firewood, which although not strictly waste-was not my first choice for such attractive material. I worked with the grain, creating animals that complimented the woods natural shape and pattern, which in turn assisted the dotwork and gave additional texture. I chose to finish each piece with natural bees wax to offer environmental protection. I apply and buff the bees wax into each piece using upcycled cotton materials, to produced a subtle matt finish without the need for toxic chemicals.

The first two pieces, pointillism jelly fish on oak, measure 31 x 18 x 3 cm, and 39 x 26 x 3cm respectively, and the third, Octopus, measures to 35 x 53 x 3cm.

 The fourth, to be the largest piece in the collection, is still underway. I thought it only appropriate to share with you it’s progress as it develops.

 Above, the first of two fish to adorn the 4ft oak piece. I have positioned the fish within the natural curve of the grain, and have applied thousands of thousands of dots to produce each scale and shaded texturing.

 This collection is a very timely investment, but I find nothing less than joy in the methodical and careful application of dots…which is odd because I am not usually a very patient person. I find myself getting lost in the process, and before I know it an entire day has gone by.

I will be exhibiting this collection this year, details to follow soon…watch this space. Until then, you can find me at local Sussex craft fairs where I will be showing some of this collection as examples of my work (details of upcoming dates can be found on my “about” page).

If you would like to commission a piece similar to these, or you would like to exhibit my work in your gallery, please contact me directly, either via my “contact” page or by email:

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