First published on May 19, 2016 by Jes Hooper

As part of this years Artists Open Houses festival in Brighton, I have been giving pyrography demonstrations at The Oriental, my “Ocean Oak” collection’s festival home.

 Above: Jes burning “The Big Fish” in her home studio

 I always feel most at home when I am creating wood burned art work, and it was lovely to share the creative experience with the gallery visitors. I found that people felt very comfortable in approaching me with questions or simply gaze at the works in progress, probably more so than if I was just “there” lingering whilst people viewed the wall art.

It was also very interesting to gain an understanding into people’s initial interpretation of pyrography. Pyrography is somewhat of a lost art form, with very few people having come across it. Much of my work is frequently assumed by people to be lazar etched, a much more commercially available wood art practice. It is always very interesting to see peoples reaction when they realise that each dot is burned in by hand, each design burned freehand, and the patience and steady hand required.

 Above: Sun and Moon mandala utensil set, purchased and personalised at the Oriental Brighton pyrography demonstration.

Many people thought my tool was a tattoo gun (!) and most were intrigued by the detail that can be achieved by applying different techniques and temperatures. For me,  it was a wonderful way to enjoy the art space, to engage with the visitors and for the visitors to engage with the medium….plus I got a  few commissions completed too 🙂

 Above: Flyer for the Oriental Brighton’s Open House with dates of Jes’ pyrography demonstrations.

Jes’ last pyrography demonstration will be taking place this coming Saturday, 21st May, at the Oriental Brighton between 3-6pm.  Free admission and complimentary personalisation of wood art purchases.

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