First published on: May 10, 2016 by Jes Hooper

Following the launch of the Artists Open Houses Festival (see previous post) I have been a very busy bee creating the first of my limited edition print collection.

One of my favourite things to do when visiting art fairs and galleries is to browse through the print stands. Partly because I am a very tactile person and I like to be able to pick up and hold artwork (that’s why I love the art medium of pyrography); but also because prints are an excellent way to support artists, enjoy their artwork, and not break the bank.

I really wanted to make my artwork accessible to everyone, which is not always possible to do when each pyrography piece takes weeks (if not months) to complete and cannot be reproduced. Prints on the other hand, are a great way to offer affordable artwork, and they will retain their value as once the edition has been sold no more will be available!

 So over the last week I have been making a start on a collection of ocean inspired pointillism artwork on paper, to accompany my “Ocean Oak” collection (see my gallery for full pyrography works). Like my pyrography work each drawing is comprised of thousands upon thousands of dots drawn freehand, which merge in the viewers eye to form detailed images. Each drawing is reproduced as a giclee print, the highest quality in fine art printing, all printed locally to me in Brighton to support the local art community.

I am therefore very pleased to introduce to you the first of my limited edition giclee prints:

 Above: Pointillism jellyfish, ink on paper.

 Above: Pointillism seahorses, ink on paper

 Above: Pointillism sea turtle, ink on paper. A work in progress.

All of my prints will be available in signed limited editions of 50 starting from £70 for A4 unframed. They will be on sale via my website shop, Thomas Rainsford Art Gallery, and the Oriental Brighton.

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