First published on May 25, 2016, by Jes Hooper

The first of my giclee prints are now available for sale. I am really excited by the entire process as I have learned so much in a very short space of time.

Firstly, working with ink was somewhat of a unexpected challenge. When working with pyrography you depend on the heat making the mark, not necessarily the touch of the nib on material. I found myself hovering a fraction of a millimetre above the page not understanding why there wasn’t a faint mark. I also realised that ink is in many ways a lot less forgiving. Ok, so you can’t erase a burn mark from wood (in most cases anyway) but if you are dotting very quickly then the flick of the dot is often so faint that it blurs with the rest of the work or blends with the grain once finished with wax or oil. Ink on the other hand, is black on white and black flicks on white paper show up like a saw thumb. The entire drawing process was a lot slower, and a lot more deliberate than my pointillism wood art. But it has its benefits- it is clean, it is crisp, and it is sharp- an effect beautifully replicated by the fine art of giclee printing.

The second thing I learned was how to handle paper to avoid damaging the paper or leaving unwanted marks. No surprise I quickly bought a very snazzy looking art folder- my workshop is in no way a safe environment for fine art prints!

I then learned that I hate packaging prints, cellophane is not my friend. It is clear, it is sneaky, it hides from me when I want it and sticks to me when I don’t. Don’t get me started on sellotape. It was a stressful hour.

Last but not least, I learned that  I really enjoy offering limited edition prints. I enjoy offering an affordable art medium accessible to everyone, but I also love the exclusivity of it- just like my pyrography works, once it’s gone, it’s gone, and I really hope that it becomes something personally valued by the collector. For this reason, I have kept my editions very small, with 50 in the A4 editions and only 10 in the A3 editions (prices listed below).

I am currently working on several exciting new projects (including more pointillism ink drawings) but I will very soon be adding my turtle drawing to the Ocean Collection of giclee prints. For now, I am happy to introduce to you the first two of my print collection:

 “Sting”. Edition of 50 A4, and 10 A3 prints. Available to buy here.

 Close up of “Sting”.

 “Nurture”. Edition of 50 A4, and 10 A3 giclee prints. Available to buy here.

 Close up’s of “Nurture”.

“Steady”. Pointillism sea turtle, ink on paper, giclee print editions coming soon.

Price of giclee print:


 A4: £30.00

A3: £50.00

 Please enquire for mounted and framed prices.

Free shipping on all purchases.

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