First published on July, 20th, 2016, by Jes Hooper.

If you’ve been following me on instagram this week, you will know that my work has hit a bit of a hiccup in this heat wave. Personally I love the heat! But there is only so much even I can take, and as my temporary home studio is in my conservatory, the temperature shot to over 50 degrees! Not only is that far too hot to work in for the sake of my sanity, the heat overheats my pyrography pen rendering it useless. The temperature spike is also a  big problem when working with an organic material such as wood, particularly oak which has so much movement. As soon as the atmosphere heats and cools in quick succession, my work is at risk fro splitting out and being utterly ruined. So this week I lugged all my artwork out from my home studio, and it’s now living with me in my bedroom (as if there was much space anyway!).

This got me thinking about the new workshop and art studio that we are building in the old farm stables, and I thought I would take the opportunity to update you all as to it’s progress.

First of all the floor has now been laid (hooray!) and the roof has been insulated with insulating foam. It looks a bit like it’s been spat up by a giant alien but it is a super efficient insulator that was very quick to install and it also sticks all the wobbly tiles to the roof preventing any more falling off. My loft space is also coming along nicely. The floor is almost finished, and I will be giving it a lick of paint next week.

Although there are no stairs yet, I will be moving in as soon as possible as essentially I don’t have usable work space here at home anymore.

I’ve already designed the layout of the loft which will include an L shaped desk (so I get the bet of the light throughout the day and have enough space to work from multiple animal photographs and on large oak pieces. There will also be a large shelving unit with large shallow draws for my drawings and prints, and deep shelves for my completed pyrography works, and I have sourced some second hand browsers to hold some of my work, mostly for clients to look through whilst I make them a cup of tea downstairs 🙂

The loft has taken a lot longer than planned due to one thing or another but I have every finger and toe crossed that I will be in there soon, I can’t wait!

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