I’ve been itching to write this weeks blog, because I’ve been very busy designing new collections and this week is the week I get to announce one of the newest editions in the pipeline: Christmas Cards!

The design process:

When designing my Christmas Cards I wanted to create a simple range using pointillism to give both delicate and deep textures. The idea being that within a pack of five greetings cards there would be delicate designs, bold designs, and those with a contrast of both. Although I wanted the designs to feature technically complex dotwork, I really wanted to keep the designs simple in composition. I think a simple composition effectively highlights the pointillism and gives a contemporary approach to  traditional Christmas imagery.


My inspiration:

I was inspired by  images of nature that have traditionally been adopted by the Christmas festival season, but that can be found in the natural world throughout the year. I am particularly fond of making my artwork accessible to everyone. It was therefore important to me to design greetings cards that would be fitting for anyone who enjoys the natural world and the autumnal and winter seasons. I did toy with the idea to place Christmas sayings in and around the designs, but in the end I decided it was more fitting to leave my greetings cards open to interpretation.

Pine cone greetings card

I selected the subject matter for aesthetic and personal reasons. For example, I have been collecting pine cones since I was a child, I’m not really sure why, but as a result I have always had them as decorative ornaments in all my homes. Autumn is my favourite season, I love knitted jumpers, warm socks, and cosy nights in by the fire…pine cones remind me of these things and bring me comfort.

Mistletoe greetings card
I chose mistletoe, because I really like the sentiment of showing love and affection at Christmas time. I also think mistletoe looks interesting, and I always find myself stopping at winter markets to look at the huge bundles of mistletoe. It seems odd that people buy it at Christmas purely to give and receive more kisses-what’s not to like about that then?

Holly greetings card

Holly, although an obvious choice, has always been the epitome of Christmas Festivities for me. I also like the shape of the pointy leaves and the way in which it looks like an aggressive plant, yet is associated with a time of giving and joy.

Stag greetings card

The stag was inspired by my love of animals. I couldn’t create greetings cards and not include a British Mammal which is so iconic to the winter season, whether that be their elegant grace searching for pastur underneath the snow, or as a bright red-nosed flying creature zooming santa across the sky. I designed this card to be very delicate, using idle space to create depth and using dotwork sparingly to give a gentle snow-like feel to it.


The robin means the most to me personally. The robin is a symbolic animal that many people believe represents the spirit of loved ones no longer here. Regardless of robins being synonymous with the festive and winter seasons, I think it is important to raise a glass to those who can’t be sat at our table with us during these special times of year.


Single cards: £2.50 each 

Pack of 5 (includes 1 x each design): £10.00

Contact me to pre-order. My cards will be printed in the next two weeks, in time for me to announce some more exciting news about new products and events!


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