For those who follow art and crafts blogs you may be familiar with the “Feature Friday” event that many people enjoy each week on you guessed it…a Friday! 

Feature Friday is a lovely little initiative that helps promote different small creative businesses by interviewing artists and sharing their work. It’s a great way to not only learn about a variety of artforms, but to get a personal insight into the maker and what has inspired their work.

What better way to enjoy the start to your weekend than to learn all about different artists and creative entrepreneurs? I think it’s prefect this time of year as the weather gets cold and people start turning their mind to the Christmas season. Whether it’s finding inspiration for trying your hand at a new creative hobby from the warmth of indoors with a hot chocolate by the fire, or if you’re seeking the perfect handmade gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Feature Friday is a great place to start!

This week I was kindly invited to be featured for Feature Friday over at The Curious Treehouse blog. Curious Treehouse is home to illustrator Chris Saunders, and is a wonderful online resource for anyone interested in illustration, drawing, and much much more! 

Some of the questions I was asked include where I currently create my artwork, what has inspired me to create wildlife pyrography art, and where people can find my art online and in person. You can read all my answers and explore other makers features here.

Huge thank you to The Curious Treehouse for featuring me! Happy Friday everyone! 

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