More good news… You can now find my work online and instore at Things British in Chatham Docks in Kent from now until Christmas! 

Things British is a unique idea for a retail shop, as it only stocks handmade products made by artists and crafters in Britain. It has been running since 2010 and now has three (almost four!) shops up and running. I think it is a really great idea that benefits local artists by promoting locally produced products, and it also acts as a showcase for high quality items that you know you are paying a fair price for. When I visited their shop in Chatham Docks at the weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see just how affordable many of the items are in-store are. Which is a nice reflection of how easy it is to support people in the handmade industry without breaking the bank! 
In Chatham Docks you will find all four designs of my tote bags, my greetings cards, rolling pins, utensil sets, and framed and unframed prints. 
It’s the first time I’ve sold in a retail shop rather than a gallery, art show, or craft fair, so I am very interested to see what will happen. If it goes well then I may consider rolling my stock out to their London based stores in the new year. I figured what better time to test the water than over the Christmas holiday season? 

If you’re local to Kent please pop by and see my wares…it would be nice to get some creative feedback from shop-goers. If you are not local, then you can browse all my stock on the Things British website and read more about the ethos behind the idea. It would also be really helpful to know of other people’s experiences selling in a retail environment. If you have any friendly advice, tips, or general thoughts on the subject- please feel free to get in touch in the comment section below this post.

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