It gives me great pleasure to offer my first ever SALE of my original artworks. Why? Because I am celebrating one year of practicing pyrography. 

I began pyrography as a hobby at the end of November 2016, as I began making gifts for my friends for Christmas. I was making all my presents that year because I had been unemployed for over 18 months and was really struggling. Although I loved to draw when I was a kid, I hadn’t really bothered with art since my GCSE’s. I had doodled throughout lectures at college, but that was about it. When I began pyrography with a cheap hobbyist kit last year, I began to immediately de-stress from the daily worries of unemployment, financial instability and debt. It also gave me a newfound sense of pride when my instagram suddenly started to grow full of people I had never met before, from all over the world, all with a real interest in my work.


“Trunk” Original Price: £850 SALE PRICE: £750

Although I haven’t been working as an artist officially for a year (that happened in February this year), I feel extremely grateful for all the support I have had since I first picked up my pyrography tool. I’ve been organically growing my small pyrography and art business throughout this year, and the support I’ve received has been humbling and inspiring, and has kept me going through the moments of doubt. As a huge thank you I am offering generous discounts on all of my original pyrography oak wall art, all of which have been featured in various stages of the making process on my instagram and blog. 


“Big Fish” Original Price: £999.99 SALE PRICE: £800


“Turtle” Original Price: £400 SALE PRICE: £300



The discount sale runs from now until the 11th December 2016, the last day of my new exhibition. This will be the third Artists Open Houses venu that I have taken part with this year, and as it is in November and throughout the run up to Christmas, I thought what better time to launch a sale?!


“Merge” Original Price: £99 SALE PRICE: £50



You can take advantage of my sale throughout the exhibition period (now until 11th December) either by purchasing directly from me at No. 38 on the Artist Open Houses Trail in Brighton, or by buying through my website shop or etsy. 

This is extremely limited in time, and all my prices will go back up to the original price once the sale ends on the 11th December. 




Artists Open Houses Chrismas 2016 Flyer


So don’t delay, as I will not be able to extend these prices beyond the sale….Did I mention that the sale ends on the 11th of December? 😛

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