It’s with great pleasure that I can introduce you all to my latest work titled “I’ve got you”. Two African Elephants with entwined trunks made up of thousands upon thousands of  dots, burned freehand into rustic reclaimed English Oak.

For those who have been following it’s progress on my instagram and facebook, I would like to say a huge thanks! I find all your enthusiastic and supportive comments very humbling and you all spur me on when I am in moments of doubt (there were quite a few of those such moments in making this piece!). Having finished burning “I’ve got you” last week, I have since hand finished it in beeswax for a protective finish. I am really pleased with the result, particularly as this has been the most challenging piece to date and has allowed me to develope significantly as an artist.





Photographs by Thom Undrell Photography


This work is now available from my website shop and I am also offering private viewings (by appointment only). If you would like to view this piece at my studio or would like to know more information, please contact me and I will do my best to get back to you within two working days. You can read more on the inspiration behind “I’ve got you” and the making process on my blog post here.

I am very excited to move on to my next work, the size alone is the largest challenge to date (hint hint)- more info to follow soon, so do check back for sneak peeks and to keep updated with all my progress!


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