artist Jes Hooper with turtle giclee print

This week I am really excited to share with you another one of my latest projects: You can now own limited edition fine art giclee prints of my original pointillism pyrography works! 
To celebrate my new range I wanted to share with you my thoughts on why I have opted for the highest quality fine art prints of my artwork.


Accessible, Affordable, Art

I originally sought to offer limited edition prints because I wanted to provide affordable art options alongside my large original works. As someone who struggles to justify purchases that I don’t “need”, I wanted to reach the “me’s” of this world by offering an artform that is exclusive yet accessible to everyone regardless of budget. My fine art prints meet this need at less than £100 per print, and I have purposefully kept the editions small at between 10-50 per artwork. My original artwork is very unique in it’s form and production, each piece takes careful consideration and time to complete, and as such my reproductions should also be exclusive in availability and match the fine material and detail finish in print form. I would not be offering anything less.


A Transcribed Art Form

For my large original works, which I am most passionate about as an artist, I use timber and heat. I use oak and pyrography because both are very raw mediums for creating art. They bring with them a plethora of textures, patterns, depth, intensity, and overall organic form, all of which are both visual and tactile in nature. The first thing anyone asks me when they see my original works is “can I touch it”…it’s instinctive! But can this translate onto paper? Can the essence of my work be captured on something other than raw timber? The answer in short, is yes! 

I have been absolutely blown away with the finish achieved on my print range, and I owe complete thanks to Tin Dogs Fine Art (or Tin Dogs for short) for their keen eye for detail and selection of materials. Tin Dogs are bespoke printmakers who specialise in high-end art creation and replication. Having produced prints for various art publishers and galleries including the Tate and the National Portrait Gallery, they are well versed in providing the highest quality fine art prints.

My prints are created using an Epson 9900 printer, which is recognised industry wide as one of the finest printers within its field, high quality Minuet 300gsm paper, and Epsons own brand inks of the highest colour and archival quality.  Each of my giclee prints are reproduced to a bespoke size to give justice to the original artwork, making sure the oak grain is flawlessly transcribed onto paper whilst the dotwork details remain crisp yet organic. 


turtle pyrography pointillism giclee print

“Turtle” 45 x 33cm. Ed’ 50. £60.00


pyrography pointillism elephant faces detailing

“I’ve Got You”. 43 x 56cm. Ed’ 25. £85.00


Versatile Design

The final reason I wanted to experiment with giclee reproductions of my pyrography was to exceed the rustic finish of my original artworks. Personally I love the waney edge of oak that features on all my artwork, but I also appreciate that rustic decor is not always considered versatile within the modern home. My art prints are bordered in clean cut white, to offer a definitive edge to the works for bespoke stylised framing. Beit framed in traditional solid wood or contemporary chrome, my artwork prints guarantee your home a stunning feature artwork that will compliment all manner of home decor.



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