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Last Sunday was our first ever wedding fair with our new wedding range: “Love Oak”.
We were at the Fairy Tale Fair’s Happily Ever After Creative Wedding Fair at the Brighton Race Course, and wow…what a day!

The first thing that struck me about the event was how well organised it was, it really was such a pleasure to take part as an exhibitor because everything ran smoothly from the moment of booking (yes I know, I’m still getting over my experience with the Handmade Fair…but I’m working on it :P). On entering the venue, the main thing that I noticed immediately was the high quality of craftsmanship from each and every stallholder. I found it hard to stay focussed on setting our stand up when so many interesting crafts kept catching my eye from every direction!

 I also quickly found out that the Fairy Tale Fair is somewhat of a creative hub for artists. I was thrilled to bump into Claire and Paul Townsend from For The Man I Love showing their bespoke men’s jewellery (you can read their guest blog post on my website here), Scarlett Rebecca with her wonderful prints, wedding invitations, and workshops (Scarlett and I first met last year when she invited me to attend the Oriental Brighton for their Artist’s Open House); and I even had a chance reunion with one of my very early childhood friends Alex Barton who unbeknown to me now runs her own floristry business Webb and Farrer. So it was no surprise that the day went very quickly whilst we chatted with other artists and met many happy couples whilst we were gently serenaded by a variety of live wedding singers on stage. The atmosphere was abuzz with happy couples, bridesmaids, and parents, all seeking the perfect finishes for their big day. It was a real privilege to learn of people’s stories and what they invision for the most important day of their lives. You couldn’t help but smile and soak in the positive vibes.

rustic LED oak centre piece and wooden place names


So back to “Love Oak” and the reason we were there…to demonstrate our new wedding range for the first time. Although nerve wracking, attending the wedding fair was a highly valuable experience that both myself and Dave found very rewarding. Seeing people’s faces light up when they found our wedding decorations was a beautiful feeling and made all our hard work pay off.  It was lovely to share our vision of using raw materials in an eclectic and innovate way. Our aim has always been to produce the highest quality rustic wedding decor whilst bridging the gap between wedding glam and natural rustic elegance. Our experimentations with mirrors, lighting, and calligraphy, have been our creative way of playing with the traditional and contemporary wedding styles to form something new.

We didn’t realise that so many people had been searching for rustic woodland wedding decor and coming up short- the most common theme seeming to be the lack of high quality finishes. Rough cut chain sawed wood slices and mass produced laser-etched engravings is not the quality we believe in as artists and craftsmen. It was great to hear people discussing how they hadn’t found anything of such beautiful quality before seeing our collection. It made the hours of foraging for wood, the weekends of labour intensive hand sawing, hand sanding, and freehand pyrography and oiling, completely worth it.

Mirror oak centrepiece and cherry tree slab

Love oak wedding decor

Our creative process has grown from us both very organically, and it was only once we booked our first wedding fair and added our products online that we sat back and thought: “oh hang on, what if this isn’t what people will want?” We hadn’t found a lot of our idea’s before, so bringing our ideas into the public eye was like diving into the unknown. Thankfully, we are very pleased that we took the leap of faith, we couldn’t have asked for a more positive response. We walked away with smiles on our faces, stories to tell, and pages upon pages of people on our mailing list. This has given us an enthusiastic boost to get back into the studio and get creating!

At the wedding fair we displayed the items currently available for sale and hire online, as well as several new pieces that we have yet to photograph including our Cherry Tree cake stands and Oak Mirror Centrepieces (they’ll be available online this weekend though we promise!).

If you would like to discuss with us your vision for your wedding day, please contact us for a bespoke rustic decor package specifically tailored to you. 


Love Oak rustic wedding decor


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