Ever since deciding to only pursue the aspects of my creative business that bring me joy (see more on that in last weeks post), I have been living in a perpetual state of creative flow! It’s been wonderful! I’ve been creating artwork every day, developing some of my most challenging technical pieces to date, and producing one of a kind artworks that will make up my new miniature art series. 

This week I wanted to introduce you to the ideas behind my new miniature series, and to share with you my progress so far. You can also see my latest works as they are finished in real time by following me on instagram.


So what is my miniature series about?

The aim of my new miniature series is to capture the essence of small animals that have a big impact. Whether it’s a small animal that performs a unique role within its ecosystem, or it’s an animal that has had an impact on me by providing inspiration for my artwork, I wanted to try and capture the essence of these animals. 

To match the miniature theme, I have hand selected and prepared small canvas’ of 20 x 20cm living edge oak; and of course each piece is created with my specialist subject: freehand pointillism pyrography. 


Why create artworks in miniature?

Originally, I wanted to create a series specifically for the Brighton’s Artists Open Houses that is inspired by working as an Artist in the Sussex Downs. Since beginning my miniature series, this brief has developed into something a little less inclusive, as I have decided to include some animals that are not native to the UK or Europe let alone where I live and work. That being said, I like to approach my work with flexibility and I think broadening my criteria to small animals of impact makes for an interesting subject of conversation that is not restricted by geography. 

It also made sense for me to offer scaled-down versions of my artwork, as I have decided to stop making the majority of my gift items as making products I don’t enjoy doesn’t make me happy. By creating one of a kind artworks in miniature, I can offer these pieces at more affordable prices whilst maintaining the integrity of my artwork, and myself as an artist. I think it is so important to be proud of what you create as an artist, which is what I am aiming to achieve by concentrating on my wildlife illustrations and pyrography art.



Selection of current works in my miniature collection:

Pointillism pyrography robin

Pointillism pyrography on oak
20 x 20cm
I chose the robin as I have a very special place for this bird in my heart. Robin’s are very spiritual animals and are often associated with loved ones who have passed. I am frequently visited by a robin in my garden, and he brings me much comfort and contentment as he reminds me of my Nanny and Grandad who are no longer with us. As an iconic British bird, there was no way I couldn’t include one in my new collection.

Pointillism pyrography blue tit

“Blue Tit”
Pointillism pyrography on oak
20 x 20cm
Another iconic British bird, and another frequent visitor to my home and workshop on the Sussex Downs. This was the first of my miniature series, and was my first choice due to it’s affinity to my local landscape and it’s positive impact upon my artwork. I enjoy spending time watching the blue tits foraging for food and chirping away throughout the spring. 


Pointillism pyrography hummingbirds

Pointillism Pyrography on oak
40cm x 40cm total
Although I initially intended for these to be seperate artworks, I have since decided to keep them together as one piece. I like the unintentional relationship captured between the two. I wanted to highlight hummingbirds as a very important species for plant survival, as despite their tiny size (they can weigh as little as 2g!) they play a key role in pollination by spreading the pollen from flower to flower. I used to see hummingbirds a lot when traveling in South America, but have since learned that hummingbirds cannot survive anywhere in Europe due to the cooler climate.


I was initially very apprehensive about monochrome pyrography for birds that have such vibrant and well-known colourations. I have been pleasantly surprised that in fact the pointillism burnings create a sort of busyness to the form that captures the movement of wings in flight.

I’ll be slowly adding to my miniature series over the coming weeks in preparation for the Artists Open Houses. Each artwork within my miniature series will be available for sale at a special limited edition price range throughout the exhibition only. The Artists Open Houses runs each weekend from Saturday 6th May to  bank holiday Monday 29th May. I’ll be exhibiting with For The Man I Love, number 2 on the Dyke Road Trail. More info coming soon. 

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