“I’ve got you”


Two pointillism elephants with entwined trunks burned freehand into reclaimed English Oak

  • An original, signed, one of a kind, rustic oak pointillism African Elephant art piece created with traditional freehand pyrography techniques.
  • Pyrography is an old art form whereby the surface cells of wood are burned with hot wire to produce a permanent colouration of the wood without the need for paint or varnishes.
  • The African Elephants have been carefully produced by burning thousands of dots by hand which blend in the viewer’s eye giving definition to the animal forms.
  • Over 110 hours of burning has resulted in a unique and challenging art piece, suited to the equally challenging oak medium.
  • The oak timber has been carefully selected for it’s beautiful grain, and waney edging, and has undergone intensive preparations by hand to enable successful burning.
  • Oak is a notoriously difficult medium for pyrography due to it’s density and unruly grain, making this piece a very unique edition for art collectors and those with an appreciation of natural materials. This one-off piece thus boasts an organic style, setting it aside from commercially accessible lazer wood art practices.
  • This feature art hangs from wire attached from two D-ring clasps on the rear of the piece for flush wall mounting.
  • Viewing by appointment only.
  • Please contact me for a delivery quote for international orders.

Note from the artist:

I believe that the responses to environmental and social stimuli prove an emotional sentience as much as a base survival instinct. Elephants, to me, define this theory perfectly. Elephants caress the bones of deceased counterparts, shed tears, and have strong familial bonds that often reflect our own. I wanted to capture a tentative moment between two animals, in a simple gesture. Two elephants with entwined trunks captivate an audience. It is as simple a gesture as two old lovers holding hands, as close a physical connection as a hug, and yet as subtle as eye contact between family members sharing years of memories and understanding. In addition to my objective to capture the “emotional moment” between the two subjects, I have deliberately burned only a faint outline of their tusks. These ghost-like tusks, combined with entwined trunks, represents the important news received from the Chinese government during the time of this artworks creation: The announcement that China is invoking a ban on domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017. A decision I commend and a conservation issue that I hope to spread awareness about through my art.

For further information about the making process of “I’ve got you” please visit my blog post here.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 31 x 77 x 3 cm


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