*SOLD* “Noggin”

Original sea turtles pointillism pyrography artwork, burned freehand into oak.

  • An original, signed, one of a kind, rustic oak art piece created with traditional freehand pyrography techniques.
  • The two green sea turtles have been precisely produced by burning thousands of dots by hand, resulting in a unique and challenging art piece, suited to the equally challenging oak medium.
  • Two green sea turtles placed within the oak grain represent the natural relationship between turtles in the wild and their use of ocean currents for migration to breeding and feeding sites.
  • The oak piece has been carefully selected for it’s beautiful grain, and waney edging, and has undergone intensive preparations to enable successful burning. Oak is a notoriously difficult medium for pyrography due to it’s density and unruly grain, making this piece a very unique edition for art collectors and those with an appreciation of natural materials. This one-off piece thus boasts an organic style, setting it aside from commercially accessible lazer wood art practices.
  • This art piece hangs from wire attached from two D-ring clasps on the rear of the piece for flush wall mounting.
  • The reclaimed solid oak timber is further stabilized with inset metal bridging to the rear.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 44 x 3 x 20 cm


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