Original pointillism pyrography robin on oak

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  • An original, signed, one of a kind artwork, created with traditional freehand pyrography techniques.
  • Pyrography is an old art form whereby the surface cells of wood are burned with hot wire to produce a permanent colouration of the wood without the need for paint or varnishes.
  • A beautifully dainty robin bird, created by burning individual dots by hand, resulting in a unique and challenging art piece, suited to the equally challenging oak medium.
  • This artwork is part of my miniature art series that encapsulates the big impact small animals have upon both my artistic process and the world around us. Whether it be an important human-animal relationship or the way in which small animals influence their environment in big ways, my miniature series offers a special place for little animals.
  • The subject of the Robin was chosen because each morning a Robin visits me in my garden, and I frequently see Robins when I need a little dose of encouragement in my life. Robins are very spiritual animals and are associated with our loved ones that have sadly passed. Each time a Robin visits me I am reminded of my Grandparents who are no longer with us, this art piece is a tribute to the strong metaphysical connection between humans and animals.
  • This one-off freehand artwork boasts an organic style, setting it aside from commercially accessible laser wood art practices.
  • This wall feature hangs from wire attached from two D-ring clasps on the rear of the piece for flush wall mounting.
  • Finished with the highest quality bees wax for a protective matte finish.

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Dimensions 20 x 20 x 3 cm


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