A3 limited edition pointillism jellyfish fine art giclee print

  • A signed, limited edition fine art giclee print of an original pointillism ink jellyfish. Taken from the original “Sting”, which was created by applying thousands of freehand ink dots, which blend in the viewers eye to create a complex image of an jellyfish.
  • Limited edition of 10 A3.
  • Limited edition of 50 A4.
  • Giclee printing is the highest quality form of art printing, produced as giclee prints by local print makers to support the local art community.
  • Each print is numbered and signed, backed in card and wrapped in cellophane, and I bubble-wrap the piece for additional protection.

Note from the artist:

I have used varying densities of dots to create subtle shades, textures, and light balance. I wanted to explore the use of circles as shapes by using both dots and empty space, to produce an alien-like interpretation of a jelly fish. I was intrigued by jellyfish because of their unique biology which is so far removed from the rest of the animal kingdom. I wanted to capture their unique physiology but also their graceful movements within the ocean depths.
This piece accompanies my Ocean Oak pyrography collection.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 40 x 01 x 53 cm

A3, A4


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